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I must say this has been a long time coming and we have gone through many changes over the years. Lets us look back and remember the history because long before there was youtube and photo bucket there was the largest Independent Comedy site in the world. SWOI was responsible for the first internet sitcoms with Still Workin On It and The Adventures of Bubba and Lester, plus host to independent shorts from around the world, funny video clips and pictures from every corner of the web all brought together at one location. The last major contribution of was the wanted dead or alive poster for the mastermind of 911 Bin Laden. In its hay day was getting millions of unique visits every month. Sadly, after the dot com crash and 911 was shut down and though it may never be what is was it will still host the works of its main contributors Buddy Howard and Greg Corner III and whom ever decides to come aboard and be a part of the experience. I must send a shout out to so some of the people who have moved on that were big contributors and helped us start the original stillworkinonit there was Bob Bloem the original webmaster, Scott Wang the go to guy, Andrew Redd the cameraman who helped in so many ways, and who could forget the Lovely Jordan Sinclair. I thank you all so much. Now on with version 2.9 the new and slim down version of There will be plenty of new stuff in the future, after all this is a work in progress, and we will hold true to our original motto, Only Lemmings are politically correct. So, please check back often and tell your friends because after 7 long years, a legal battle and a bunch of other shit that I dont want to get into right now. We are back and ready to attack the mundane politically correct world.




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